This month we have a display of work by Corinne Young and Serena Partridge: ‘Portrait of a Lady’ – a showcase inspired by ladies in history.

Corinne is a textile artist from East Yorkshire who creates embroidered 3D artwork and bespoke accessories. Her work is inspired by gardens, antique botanical books and the artefacts found in historic houses. She uses vintage fabrics and handmade linen paper to create her work, which she makes in large sheets in her studio. Corinne took part in the recent Stitch-off display as part of our “Emma at 200” exhibition.

Serena Partridge makes accessories and garments inspired by historical costumes and storytelling. In her work both scale and proportion are distorted to create curios that often send up the frivolity of life. These items are usually presented as museum artefacts encased with labels that blur the boundaries between fact and fiction.

Corinne and Serena’s joint display is now open during our visitor opening hours until Friday 28 October.