Chawton House welcomes the arrival of a two-volumed work that has just been purchased by the ‘Godmersham Lost Sheep Society’ (GLOSS). Beautifully illustrated, this 1754 work by Jonas Hanway titled An Historical Account of the British Trade over the Caspian Sea will now be housed at Chawton House, (volume two of Hanway’s work has the title The Revolutions of Persia). At one point, these volumes belonged to Edward Austen Knight, and were on the shelves in his library at Godmersham Park when his sister Jane Austen came to visit.

GLOSS are a team of researchers dedicated to finding works that have been sold since Austen’s time. The library, as seen by Jane Austen, can be viewed online through the new virtual website.

For more details on the work undertaken by GLOSS, do explore their excellent blog.