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Executive Director

Dr Gillian Dow

Dr Gillian Dow is an Associate Professor in English at the University of Southampton. Gillian was seconded to Chawton House Library as Executive Director in 2014 following a long and productive association with the Library.

Since her initial appointment as Chawton Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in 2005, and her subsequent promotion to Director of Research in 2012, Gillian’s achievements have included establishing and growing our programme of evening lectures and international conferences, and launching and developing our flourishing Visiting Fellowship programme, which has been run jointly with the Faculty of Humanities at Southampton University since 2007.

Before her time at Southampton, Gillian studied at the University of Glasgow, and was a Snell Exhibitioner at Balliol College, Oxford. She has taught at several Oxford colleges, and at the Université Paris XII.

Board of Trustees

Dr Linda Bree, Acting Chair
Mr Len Bosack
Professor Laurie Kaplan
Professor Joan Klingel Ray
Mr Richard Knight
Mr Chris Martin


Founding Patron, Dr Sandy Lerner OBE
Dame Mary Fagan, DCVO JP
Professor Isabel Grundy
Mr Nigel Humphreys
Professor Cora Kaplan
Dr Deirdre Le Faye
Mrs Gilly Drummond OBE DL
Mrs June Parkinson
Professor Michèle Roberts
The Earl of Selborne, GBE FRS DL
Mr Alan Titchmarsh, MBE VMH DL
Ms Claire Tomalin, FRSL
Professor Janet Todd, OBE
Joanna Trollope, OBE
Professor Richard Ovenden

Patron Joanna Trollope OBE

Patron Joanna Trollope OBE opening our Emma at 200 exhibition