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Germaine de Stael: born #otd 1766. Our 2017 exhibition set her posthumous reputation alongside that of #JaneAusten. Grateful for a generous grant from @FNL313 that enabled us to purchase 1st ed of her novel Corinne @CatrionaSeth @gdow12

#OTD 1805 Jane Austen wrote of the society in Bath ‘There was a monstrous deal of stupid quizzing, & common-place nonsense talked, but scarcely any Wit”. Perhaps the poor company inspired the two-faced character Isabella in Jane Austen’s Bath based novel ‘Northanger Abbey’!

Spring has truly arrived and we've *hopefully* left April showers behind us! Read @GardeningGent's gardening blog to hear about his travails with the weather and the latest goings on at Chawton House:

Dr Helen Cole is pictured preparing for a talk on book history and the value of studying early editions of literary works, as we welcome students from the University of Southampton today. @unisouthampton

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