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Join us and experience a closer relationship with the Library as a Friend, Bluestocking Circle Member or Salon Circle Patron.

By joining us, you are providing valuable on-going support towards maintaining and developing the Library and our unique collections, for the enjoyment of visitors and scholars today and for generations to come. As a registered charity, Chawton House Library is most grateful for all support.


Experience a closer relationship with the Library as a Friend. Find out more about the benefits we offer and how your Friendship can support our work.

North American Friends

North American Friends is an independent US-based charity that raises and promotes the profile of Chawton House Library’s collections and work in North America.

The Bluestocking Circle

The Bluestocking Circle benefits include preview tours, Bluestocking Circle events, invitations to private tours at related library/art organisations and a Lifetime Freindship to the Library.

The Salon Circle Patrons

The Salon Circle is a high-level supporter group for those who are most deeply inspired by Chawton House Library and want to support and shape its future development and programmes.