Reimagining Jane Austen’s ‘Great House’

>>>Reimagining Jane Austen’s ‘Great House’
Reimagining Jane Austen’s ‘Great House’2018-02-01T15:41:50+00:00

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Reimagining Jane Austen's Great House

Chawton House is currently at a pivotal moment in its 25-year history. Following the announcement by our Founding Patron, Dr Sandy Lerner OBE, that she was stepping down from the Board of Trustees last year – the Charity is currently undertaking a strategic review, with a clear focus on reshaping the organisation and creating resilience. Through her Charitable Foundation, Dr Lerner supported Chawton House with approximately 65% of its operating costs and, now that this relationship is coming to an end, we face both significant challenges, and exciting possibilities.

We know Jane Austen’s ‘Great House’ should be a major literary landmark but it does not currently have the facilities to reach its full potential. We have ambitious plans to create a cultural destination within the wider grounds of the ‘Great House’, offering more extensive visitor facilities and providing an enhanced experience of the Chawton estate that was Jane Austen’s home throughout the final, productive years of her life.

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