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Shire horses, and earlier similar breeds, were used for centuries to transport people and goods, to plough fields and to extract timber.

Chawton House Library’s estate is home to four Shire horses, who help to maintain the estate in an environmentally friendly way and their presence helps visitors to understand more about our agricultural heritage. For a minimum donation of £25 a year, you can help us to keep our heavy horses at Chawton House Library.

Sponsoring one of our Shire horses makes a great gift!

Sponsorship is a fantastic way to interest your children or grandchildren in horses and preserving our agricultural heritage.

In return for your generous sponsorship you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A photograph of your special horse
  • A Chawton House Library bookmark
  • The opportunity to make an appointment to visit your horse and really get to know them

At Chawton House Library all of our heavy horses have unique personalities…


Hi, my name is Royston. Please sponsor me.

I am the cheeky one!
I am a seven-year-old bay shire and I came to Chawton House Library in 2011 when I was three years old. I enjoy chain harrowing on the estate with Speedy and hacking out around the fields with Summer. I am quite a nosey horse and sometimes the humans catch me red hoofed looking through the neighbour’s windows, or poking my nose through the door of the farmer’s car to steal his sandwiches.

IsaacHi, my name is Isaac. Please sponsor me.

I am the goofy one!
I am a four-year-old grey shire. I am 16hh, but still growing! At the moment I am doing some groundwork to get ready to be broken in to ride and drive next spring. I am the baby of the herd and the humans have nicknamed me Eeyore because I am always five minutes behind the other horses.

SpeedyHi, my name is Speedy. Please sponsor me.

I am the big softy!
I am an 11-year-old bay Clydesdale. Contrary to my name, I am a real plodder! Never the less I am a hard worker and never let the humans down. I chain harrow alongside Royston and extract timber with Summer. I am rewarded with plenty of love and attention and my favourite thing in the world…food!

SummerHi, my name is Summer. Please sponsor me.

I am the frisky one!
I am a four-year-old grey roan Shire cross and I was given to Chawton House Library by St Frances Rescue centre who rescued me when I was just 14 weeks old. Although I may be the smallest of the horses I am bursting with personality. My job on the Estate is to help pull timber with Speedy and hack out, frolicking around the fields with my friend Royston.

*Please note that, in order to ensure funds go where they are needed most, your donation will be treated as a general donation to Chawton House Library.

Sponsor a Shire Sponsorship Form [PDF, 112KB]

Sponsor a Shire Sponsorship – North American Form [PDF, 68KB]

Email: info@chawtonhouselibrary.org Tel: (+44)1420 541010

Gift Aid your Friendship at no extra cost to you

Chawton House Library is a registered charity, and Gift Aid is a great way to support us even further. For every £1 you give through your Friendship, we can claim 25p in addition from HM Revenue and Customs at no extra cost to you. Consent to Gift Aid and you will be giving the Library at least an extra £9 a year through your Friendship.

You can do this simply by ticking the Gift Aid declaration when you fill out the Sponsor a Shire form or by telling us you wish to make a Gift Aid declaration over the phone.

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