How do I find directions to Chawton House Library?

Full details for travelling to Chawton House can be found on our Directions page.

Do I have to pay a deposit to confirm an educational visit?

For Austen themed school visits run in partnership with the Jane Austen House Museum and student house tours and library visits there is no requirement to pay a deposit. When the programme for your visit has been agreed you will be sent an email confirming the visit and this will be your confirmation. We will invoice you after your visit or you can pay on the day.

For longer, bespoke visits a deposit of 20% of the total cost will be required to confirm the visit with the balance payable after the visit.

Is there coach parking at Chawton House?

There is a limited amount of parking available at the house for cars and small minibuses. Please be aware that it is not possible to accommodate large coaches as the drive to the house is unsuitable for such vehicles. Groups can be dropped off in the lane at the top of the drive to Chawton House and a coach can be parked at the top of the drive in front of the barrier.

Is Chawton House accessible to disabled visitors?

There is a ramp from the car park to the North Porch Door and wheelchair access is possible to the Old Kitchen, the Servants’ Passage, the Main Staircase Hall, the Downstairs Reading Room and the Great Hall. There is a disabled toilet.

What happens if I have to cancel my visit?

For visits that do not require a deposit there is no charge if a cancellation is made more than 24 hours in advance of the visit. For visits that do require a deposit, cancellation of such visits will incur loss of the deposit.

What happens if Chawton House has to change or cancel an educational visit booking?

We are a small team and on the very rare occasions that we may have to change or cancel a booking we will inform the organiser as soon as possible. For visits that required a deposit we will refund the deposit in full if it is not possible to arrange a new visit at a mutual convenient date and/or time.

Which rooms will we see on the house tours?

It is not possible to guarantee which rooms will be shown to visitors on any particular day. Due to operational demands some rooms may not be available on the day of a visit and if this is the case the group organiser will be informed of this on arrival. In practice, this is a rare occurrence but group organisers need to be aware of the possibility.

Please note: for Jane Austen themed school visits every effort is made to run the dancing session in the Great Hall but this cannot be guaranteed and there may be occasions when an alternative room will be used. Organisers will be informed on arrival is this is the case. In order to gain as much as possible from the dancing session there should be no more than 20 pupils in a group. If the total number of pupils exceeds 20 then the group will be split between Chawton House and the Jane Austen House Museum and two dancing sessions will be run.