‘Jane and Me: My Austen Heritage’ Caroline Jane Knight

‘Jane and Me: My Austen Heritage’ Caroline Jane Knight


Read this fascinating account of Jane Austen’s fifth Great niece and her experience of growing up at Chawton House.


Caroline Jane Knight shares more than Jane Austen’s name and DNA. As a direct descendant of Jane’s brother, Edward Knight, Caroline is the last of the Austen family to have grown up at Chawton House on the estate which include the cottage where Jane Austen lived and enjoyed the most productive period of her writing career.

Caroline explored the same places around Chawton House and its grounds as Jane did, dined at the same table in the same dining room, read in the same library and shared the same dream of independence.

This is the story of Caroline’s tumultuous journey to success, her ultimate crisis, her rediscovery and embrace of her Austen heritage, and the creation of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation.

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