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The House Restoration with Adam Knight:

In our latest podcast, Lizzie talks to the new owner of the freehold, Adam Knight, about his work as an architect on the restoration of the house during the 1990s and his hopes for Chawton today.

Adam has provided fascinating images to accompany this podcast, which can be seen below.

Sandy Learner had been keen to involve Richard Knight’s children, Cassie Blackwell and Adam Knight, in the restoration and decision-making process of the estate as part of the Knight family legacy.

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Adam’s images and drawings …

“I’ve had some slides scanned that I had from the time I worked on the restoration project and attach a selection in case these would be useful to share in relation to the interviews?   These include photos of the green tarpaulin on the library wing roof.  Also drawings and historical analysis plan that I produced for the planning application and comparative images of the courtyard as it was.   The scan quality isn’t great, but they give a flavour!

I also took a few photos on a sunny weekend a few weeks ago which show how the view of the house in the Adam Callander painting has been realised, compared to the view before Sandy Lerner’s time in 1990s.  This illustrates the impact of removing the swimming pool to restore the English landscape views of 18th C that Cassie talks about in her interview.”

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In this episode, Lizzie interviews Richard Knight, who tells us what it was like to take on the considerable responsibility of the estate and how Chawton House went about its great restoration to come to be as it is today.

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Tune in for an exclusive listen from behind the scenes of the filming of ‘Tales of Terror! Stories by the Virtual Fireside’, ahead of its release on each night of All Hallows Eve 2020. In the episode, you’ll hear from photographer Claire Lewis, actor Dominic Gerrard and, our very own, Clio O’Sullivan.

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Chawton House in 1834

Visitor Experience Manager, Louisa Carpenter, and Curator and Collections Manager Emma Yandle discuss ‘the rehang’ project, creating a new visitor journey at Chawton House.

Emma moving portraits as part of our 2020 rehang project

Interview with Curator of Man Up! exhibition,Clio O’Sullivan:

Clio O’Sullivan, Curator of Man Up!

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