As an organisation, Chawton House regularly reviews current Health and Safety policies.

The following information is for guidance purposes and we encourage educational visit organisers to visit us in advance of a school visit to carry out their own risk assessments.

Please contact us at to arrange such a visit, or if you have any queries.


There is ramp access from the car park to the North Porch door for wheelchair users or visitors who are unable to manage the steps.

There are two main staircases in the house and a lot of steps in other areas, and many of the floors are uneven.


Upon arrival and departure, all visitors must sign in and out using the book in the Front Office. Groups must be signed in by their group leader.

In the event of a fire alarm, go to the nearest fire exit and assemble on the South Lawn at the side of the House. Nobody will be be allowed back into the House until the all clear sign is given by the member of staff in charge of the evacuation.

Interns and work experience students will be given contact telephone numbers for the members of staff they should report to in case of emergencies.

Risk Assessment Considerations


Nature of Hazard

Worst Case Outcome



Approach to Chawton House Trip/fall – the road is uneven and can become slippery Minor injury Remote No running

Road to be monitored for approaching vehicles

Steps up to the front door Trip/fall – steps can become slippery in wet or icy weather conditions Minor injury Possible No running
Steps, stairs and uneven flooring inside the House Trip/fall Major injury Possible Assume that every time you go through a door, you will find a step.

Guided tours will include notification of trip hazards around the House

Fire Fire Major injury Remote Alarm procedures will be followed by staff members
Covid-19 Contracting Covid-19 from staff members or other visitors Major injury Possible Staff undergo regular lateral flow testing and the House is ventilated where possible.

If members of your group are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please stay at home.

You may choose to wear a mask during your visit.


The most likely accident to occur during group visits are trips and falls.

The likelihood of this type of accident occurring can be reduced by ensuring that visitors move around the House slowly and sensibly.