Monday 16th October 2023 to Saturday 4th November 2023

Venue: Chawton House



From the wicked uncles sinister patriarchs of Radcliffe’s novels to the Byronic heroes that developed into the first English Vampires, and the brooding heroes of the Brontës, the nightmarish worlds of early Gothic novels are filled with depictions of villains in power. Although primarily men, powerful seductresses and female devils in disguise also made their mark on early readers, thrilling and terrifying them in equal measure. In the shadowy corridors and subterranean passages of ancient castles and ruined monasteries, these malevolent figures reign with absolute authority, wielding their influence over the innocent and vulnerable.

Our Gothic season will see a special display in the Long Gallery showcasing the villains in power in our collection. You will find canonical Gothic novels alongside their popular chapbook imitations, exploring the female-authored villains who froze the blood of their readers.

Included in the price of general admission.

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