Friday 1st December 2023

Venue: Chawton House

Jane Austen’s niece Cassandra Hill (née Knight, 1806-42), youngest daughter of Edward (Austen) Knight and Elizabeth.


From Elizabeth Knight, whose quick thinking prevented the manor house being destroyed in the Civil War, to Sandy Lerner who had the vision to restore the estate as a centre for women’s writing in the 21st century, Chawton House has been shaped by many remarkable women. Many of the Knight family women led remarkable lives. 

Join Chief Executive Katie Childs for a Winter lunchtime library talk delving into the fascinating tales of the Knight family women. Discover stories of love, scandal and tragedy; follow the Knight women on journeys to rural Ireland and colonial India; and explore the way that generations of women left their marks on the House and Gardens. 

Ticket cost: £17 (this includes entry to the House and Gardens) | £5 for Annual Ticket & Neighbour Pass Holders