Sunday 1st September 2019 to Friday 29th November 2019

Venue: Chawton House

For the autumn season Chawton House is opening up a space normally closed to the public for this special art exhibition.

2019 marks 230 years since the French Revolution, and 260 years since the birth of Mary Wollstonecraft, the 18th century philosopher and writer who was living in Paris during the Reign of Terror. This exhibition is inspired by what she did, what she saw and what she wrote, whilst acting as a war correspondent for the English journal Analytical Review. The artworks use visual storytelling to creatively engage with her visit to Versailles, as she wanders through the empty palace and deserted gardens. 

To find out more about the artist Louisa Albani, click here to open a bio PDF:

Artist info for exhibition at Chawton House.

Free with general admission, and part of the Writing Women’s Rights Programme,