Podcast: Chawton House Library Conversations

>>Podcast: Chawton House Library Conversations

Podcast: Chawton House Library Conversations

2016-11-23T10:23:50+00:008th March 2015|Podcasts|

This International Women’s Day, we would like to welcome you to Chawton House Library Conversations, a new monthly round up of news, events and highlights from our academic and events programme.

This series of podcasts has been devised to help us stay connected with our worldwide audience, allowing our Friends and supporters to remain ‘in the loop’, wherever they are in the world.

The first Chawton House Library Conversation, features a sample of a special study day on the Georgian Garden, the scandalous tale of actress and Handel’s muse, Susannah Cibber, and an introductory interview with Executive Director, Dr Gillian Dow:



We would like to say a special thank you to North American Friend of Chawton House Library, Sue Forgue, whose kind and generous sponsorship has made Chawton House Library Conversations possible.