Isabel Rogers, Poet Laureate of Hampshire, has written four poems inspired by her time at Chawton House Library.

This is the fourth and final poem and was composed on the lawn in between the column of trees which lead back towards the house.. The trees line the verdant pathway and act as though ‘on everlasting sentry duty’. The gap in the trees offer a picturesque view of the house when you turn back from the fields. The style and layout of the poem mirrors the physicality of the lime walk.

If you want to know more about Isabel Rogers, click here.

We are

on everlasting

sentry duty.

Keep the line


We weren’t always

so imposing:

once sapling youths.

We guard now.

We forget what.

We are

warp threads

to allow

a woman’s weft

to weave a life

within our bars.

They can see things



the majesty

of our girth!

We are wide

and straight.

A green road.

We lead away

and back.

The lime walk