Saturday 30th January 2021 to Friday 30th April 2021

Venue: Online

Chawton House is continuing the series of virtual creative writing workshops with writer and editor Claire Thurlow. We are offering two (1,5 hour) slots (choose from either Sat morning or Sun afternoon).

There are limited spaces so you will need to book your place in advance. The cost is £7.50 per session.

January: Turning Fact into Fiction

  • Sat 30th – 11am UK GMT
  • Sun 31st – 5pm UK GMT

Are there things in your own life which you’d like to write about, but with the freedom to edit and embellish? Or could you rewrite your own version of historical events? This session will suggest ideas on how to select from all that raw material and progress your writing project.

February: Creating Believable Characters

  • Sat 27th – 11am UK GMT
  • Sun 28th – 5pm UK GMT

Do you want to write fiction, but struggle to create characters from scratch? How does a writer conjure up believable people with hopes, fears, motivations, and secrets of their own? This workshop will consider what makes characters interesting and engaging, and how to develop their backstory, so that they spring to life on the page. 

March: How to Use Clothing to Describe a Character

  • Sat 27th – 11am UK GMT
  • Sun 28th – 5pm UK GMT

 What a character wears, and their attitude to clothes, says a lot about their personality. Do they spend more than they can afford, or do they shop for charity shop bargains? Are they still wearing their grandad’s tweed jacket, or have unworn clothes languishing in the wardrobe? This workshop will help you to build up fictional characters, as well as consider how to describe real people in memoir or life writing.

April: How to Write a Family History

  • Sat 17th – 11am UK BST
  • Sun 18th – 5pm UK BST

Do you want to capture your family history for future generations to read about? Or is there one particular relative or ancestor whose life story you’re longing to tell? This workshop will give practical advice about research, writing, and possible methods of publication for your unique and personal account.