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2017-03-24T17:07:46+00:0027th March 2017|Garden Blog|

Monthly Garden Update: March

In the first of a new series of monthly garden updates, our Garden Manager, Andrew Bentley tells us about the latest exciting developments…


We’re now enjoying the flowering of the bulbs planted last Autumn

The seasonal period of late Winter into early Spring is a special time for gardeners as Mother Nature awakens and there is a feeling one gets that fresh life is about to begin. From long dormant bulbs and anticipated new buds to recently sown seeds, there is much excitement as I hope to emulate the pictures within the seed catalogues from which I chose my new ‘charges’! It is a time of hope, but also reflection – to temper my enthusiasm by remembering last years’ failures as well as sweet successes. Below is a summary of some recent highlights in the garden:

Garden events

So far this year we have held three very successful events: an evening orchard wassail and two Snowdrop Sundays. The wassail was great fun bringing alive an old folk tradition of singing to our Apple trees to wake them from their winter slumber and persuade them to bear a good crop this year! Our Snowdrop days saw record numbers of visitors and lots of positive feedback – we had a lovely time introducing the garden to so many new visitors.

Bulb displays

Planting up the white garden

Andrew has been working to transform the Library Terrace into a white garden inspired by Vita Sackville-West

Last Autumn I planted over 6000 bulbs: Daffodils, Crocus, Muscari and Hyacinths. A lot of these went into areas that hadn’t had bulbs before such as outside the front of the walled garden and along the shrubbery walk. We have been rewarded with a fantastic display of colour these last few weeks, and indeed the sweet perfume of the Hyacinths too! It won’t be long and our Rose garden will be displaying the 800 Tulips I planted to extend the season of interest there…

The white garden

Work is now underway to replant the Library Terrace as a white garden. All the plants will bloom white flowers and provide a relaxed, calming mood outside of our reading rooms. The planting is a mix of perennials and annuals that I am growing from seed to give a year round interest. Vita Sackville-West and her white garden at Sissinghurst inspired me.


With warmer days I’m noticing more early butterflies such as Brimstones which provide a dash of yellow fluttering amongst the early flowers. Deer, though lovely to see, are proving to be a pain as we have three Roe Deer and two Muntjac Deer resident in the garden…and they like to try all the fresh plant growth in the shrubbery walk!