Ghosts, Ghouls & All Things Gothic

Happy Halloween from Chawton House Library! Detail from Chawton House Library's 1863 illustrated edition of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner “Your old Men murdered, your Mothers outraged, your Wives defiled, your Children danced, [...]

2017-10-31T11:39:39+00:0031st October 2017|Library Blog|

Tales from the garden: October

Monthly garden update: OctoberAs the nights draw in and the leaves fall from the trees, Garden Manager Andrew discusses autumnal challenges."O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened to the fall; Tomorrow's wind, if it be wild, Should waste [...]

2017-10-26T11:05:53+00:0025th October 2017|Garden Blog|

Jane Austen in Paradise

At the 2017 JASNA AGM in Huntington Beach, Gillian Dow gave the opening plenary lecture. In it, she discussed Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘Jane’s Marriage’, written c. 1922, in which Kipling accompanies Austen to paradise, sees her welcomed into an [...]

2017-10-11T14:22:39+00:0011th October 2017|Library Blog|